Auto Glass Services

Window Tinting……………………by Estimate

Protect your interior from harmful UV rays that caused color fading and vinyl and leather damage. We offer 4 different shades of tint, lifetime warranty on peeling and workmanship,  and our pricing is competitive with anything out there!


Windshield Replacement…… Estimate

Replace your windshield for optimum visibility and safety.  We will work with your insurance company to ensure the most cost effective strategy.  We are approved with every insurance company out there and are on their preferred list.  In some cases we work with you on your deductible and do all the paperwork and coordinating on your claim.  Get a free CAR WASH on every windshield installation, this will reassure you that your windshield is air tight with no leakage.  BEWARE, there is a lot of low quality, cheap, and inferior glass on the market and don’t be fooled.  Know the company that is installing your glass.  Mobile repair and replacement is also available.


Windshield Chip Repair……FREE (w/most insurance companies)  $40.00

Prevent windshield chips from spreading.  You do not want to replace your windshield if you don’t have to.  Most insurance companies will pay 100% for chip repair because they DO NOT want to pay to replace your windshield!  REMEMBER this is a comprehensive claim, not a collision claim.  Therefore, it does not affect your premium nor go against a claim on your policy.  The phrase “nothing comes for free” is not true in this case.  It is just too expensive for your insurance company to pay for a new windshield when they don’t have to.


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