Detail Services


Interior Detail (A)…………………Starting at $149.99

Complete cleaning, conditioning, and disinfecting of interior surfaces.  Includes shampoo and soil extraction of carpets and upholstery, deep cleaning and treatment of vinyl and leather, detailing of instrument panel (we use q-tips), door panels, dash and center console.  We condition and treat all plastics, vinyl, and leather to enhance appearance and prevent drying and cracking.

Exterior Detail (B)………………..Starting at $174.99

Our three step process includes using a cutting compound to buff out scratches and defects, color sanding (when necessary) and buffing to polish the paint, remove swirl marks and revive color, and a polymer paint sealant to protect your car’s paint for up to eight months (a $79.99 value alone).  This three step process is designed to diminish oxidation, water spots, and light scratches.  Service also includes engine cleaning, cleaning and polishing of wheels, chrome, trim, and removal of water spots on windows.

Complete Detail (A & B)…………Starting at $250.00

A detail that combines both Interior and Exterior details returning your car to it’s maximum potential.

Complete Detail (Optional)……..Starting at $199.99

This detail includes both the interior and the exterior detail WITHOUT the use of color sanding or buffing with cutting compounds to take out the extreme sand scratches and imperfections.  We will use clay bars to remove light oxidation then we will hand rub a long lasting hard polymer wax into the paint as a sealer.

New Car Protectant……………….Starting at $99.00

This service is designed to protect your new investment.  You get The Works Wash, a polymer paint sealant to protect your paint from sun and rain for up to 10 months.  Scotch Guard protection for your carpet and upholstery, and vinyl and leather treatment to prevent drying, cracking, and discoloration.


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